Joma Top Flex Turf Soccer Shoe

$84.95 $99.99
By Joma

The Joma Top Flex is a full grain leather professional level Turf Soccer shoe. Manufactured to provide high performance, combining flexibility with fit and stability. It is flexible until the second you need it to be stable. The structure is made of very flexible leather of first quality and built with high-performance inner nylon and with tensile strength 800N / 50mm and weft 600N / 50mm warp. It has a reinforcement in the toe for striking. This indoor soccer shoe consists of various technologies such as: - Flexo: which offers the player the best transition from heel to toe with each step. - Durability: High strength rubber that delays abrasion wear. The sole is made of pre-molded EVA and the 2mm natural EVA inner sole. The midsole is made with high quality and durable phylon (shore 55). The sole is of excellent quality rubber with DIN-70 abrasion.